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Review: Moment Hotel Malmo

Accommodation - Hotel

Norra Vallgatan, Malmo, 21122, Sweden

Bohemian hotel

  • By SilverTraveller Stuart_6

    1 review

  • February 2017
  • On your own
  • Culture / Sightseeing

Very close to railway station (frequent trains from Copenhagen and its airport), close to centre of city with its sights. Staff speak good English. Reception open 24 hours. Swedish breakfast included, as is tea/coffee all hours. The rooms are intentionally small so that they can offer keen pricing.

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Other Members' Thoughts - 2 Comment(s)

  • Ian.Waugh
    12 months ago
    Hi Stuart .. it's been many, many years since I visited Malmo and, as I was crew on a visiting ship, I didn't need shore-side accommodation .. intrigued at your middling '3 star' for 'value for money' but also the rooms being small 'to offer keen pricing' does that mean that we'll really have to pay big money for anything good, and/or that there's no chance in Malmo of getting value for money?
  • ESW
    12 months ago
    Did you find and book this yourself or did you book through an agent?

    Do tell me what a Swedish breakfast consists of.

    You make the comment that the rooms ar intentionally small - just how small is this? What facilities were provided in the rooms? How long did you stay there. I can cope with a small room for one night but prefer a bit more space if staying for several.