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A Noble Caledonia cruise is a cruise like no other

Since our establishment in 1991 we have made it our aim to provide our clients with a lasting memory of a journey made with like-minded travellers. Our range of trips is constantly evolving shaped by world events and new discoveries and we search for new and unusual destinations in so that we always have something different to offer the well travelled. We offer many types of trips from expedition cruising, small ship cruising, cruises under sail and river cruises.

Highly Commended for Best Specialist or Expedition Cruise Line

Noble Caledonia – Small Ships – Big Experiences

The vessels we feature generally accommodate between 50 and 150 passengers and offer itineraries for the genuine traveller. They offer something out of the ordinary compared to most cruises because for us the itinerary is the most important element of a cruise, something which has been lost over the last few decades due to the development of newer, larger vessels which can only dock in large ports.

Noble Caledonia – Small Ship Cruising

Our sea cruises fall into three main categories of cruising. Expedition Cruises are on vessels specifically designed to operate in the more out of the way destinations and itineraries concentrate on the natural world. On board there is a qualified team of naturalists and Zodiacs craft are used to explore the otherwise inaccessible. Small Ship Destination Cruising offers a comprehensive itinerary usually concentrating on a particular area or theme, such as history and culture. Our voyages Under Sail are aboard the finest sailing ships in the world, Sea Cloud and Sea Cloud II. Every year we charter both vessels for some cruises in areas best suited for these wonderful vessels.

What makes Noble Caledonia different?

Noble Caledonia – River Cruises

We also operate a diverse range of river cruises worldwide – and have a comprehensive selection of river cruise departures featuring 25 rivers. Exploring by river vessel is, to our minds, one of the most comfortable means possible. There is something rather special about sitting on deck or in a luxuriously appointed room and watching the world pass by. Our selection of river cruises currently includes the Danube, Main, Rhine, Amazon, Mekong, Nile, Yangtze, Dneiper, Douro, Ganges, Rajang, Volga, Elbe, Irrawaddy and Brahamputra.

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