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Israel – Time to discover

Israel, tiny in size, but massive in what it offers its visitors. This fascinating country has truly been blessed with so many positive attributes: Great weather, diverse landscapes, great culinary traditions and millennia of history & archaeology to explore. It’s also the Holy Land, hosting important religious sites for many religions, but at the same time is a country where going out and having fun is a way of life. It’s holiday perfection all wrapped up in one little package!

Israel is situated on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean in the small area where Asia meets Africa. This location means it’s blessed with amazing weather – long hot summers and mild, pleasant winters. Spring & Autumn tend to have the best weather, but sun worshipers will revel in Israel’s sunny, sizzling summers. Those who love staying active in winter will enjoy visiting Israel’s south to explore the Negev desert and appreciate Eilat’s year-round sun and access to water sports.

One of Israel’s best unique gems is its incredible history. For millennia, this small area has been the centre of human development. From the ancient caves of Maresha & Bet Gurvrin in the north, all the way to the world’s first copper mine near Eilat in the south, everywhere you go you’ll find places of great importance to world history. The cherry on top of Israel’s historic sundae is Jerusalem, where a walk through its Old City will allow you to experience layer upon layer of the civilisations that have lived there. It’s something almost indescribable – you must feel it with all your senses to appreciate it.

Hand in hand with history are Israel’s biblical credentials. Israel is the only country where you can use the bible as a guidebook! The three major monotheistic religions (Christianity, Judaism & Islam) all have important sites to visit, as do other religions such as the Bahai’. One doesn’t have to be of any particular faith to appreciate Israel’s religious sites, as visiting allows you to connect the historic with the spiritual.

However, please don’t think Israel is only about history & spirituality. It’s also a place that offers plenty of fun! One of the best places for fun is Tel Aviv. This vibrant city is not only the business centre of the country, it’s also the place to party! Tel Aviv offers a 24/7 type of environment where days can be spent doing everything from exploring great museums to relaxing and soaking up the sun on one of its many beaches. And, if you think Tel Aviv is buzzing during the day, the night will make your jaw drop! The city comes alive at night, with an abundance of restaurants, bars and nightclubs to suit any preference. You can savour some incredible cuisine at one of the many quality restaurants, then enjoy the city until dawn if you choose. No wonder they call Tel Aviv the city that never sleeps.

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