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We have taken the difficult decision to cancel all departures for the rest of 2020 and to close our offices until 30 September 2020. Please see the Traveleyes website for the latest information.

Who are Traveleyes?

Traveleyes are a group holiday provider with a difference! Half the group are visually impaired, and the other half are sighted. The sighted travellers guide and describe the world for a different blind traveller each day, and in return, the sighted travellers receive a discount on the cost of their holiday.

How It Works

Anyone can book a Traveleyes holiday, solo travellers, friends and couples, all are welcome. On each day of the trip, you are partnered with someone new, you explore the world together, with blind travellers encouraging the sighted travellers to get more hands on with the world and the sighted travellers helping fill in the gaps for the blind travellers with descriptions. More details

Sighted Travellers!

You do not need any prior experience of blindness. 85% of first time Traveleyes travellers have never met a blind person before. Traveleyes supply you with a sighted guide pack, a training video and once at the airport you will receive sighted guide training with your Traveleyes tour manager. On a Traveleyes trip you will notice much more of the world as you spend time describing the sights for your companion. More details

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Blind Travellers!

Our company is founded by Amar Latif, a blind entrepreneur, world traveller, and TV presenter. Amar wanted to travel and was turned away by mainstream holiday providers. So, he set up Traveleyes, making sure that blind travellers can book a holiday with same freedom and independence a sighted traveller has. Traveleyes also guarantee one to one guiding and offer over 70 destinations a year. More details

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