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Tailor-made meets locally-made

Evaneos connects you with carefully-selected local travel agencies around the world to create authentic, tailor-made tours. By cutting straight to the local experts, Evaneos gives you access to unparalleled local knowledge, 24/7 on-the-ground assistance, and local prices with no mark-up. Since 2009, over 300,000 travellers have set off on a tour via Evaneos, and our 96% traveller satisfaction rate reflects the quality of the local agencies we work with.

Evaneos caters to every interest and travel style from self-drive to fully-guided, so whether you’re looking to delve into the ancient history of Mexico, relax on a tropical beach in Sri Lanka, camp in the desert in Morocco, come up-close to wildlife in Madagascar, experience ‘pura vida’ in Costa Rica, or trek across spectacular scenery in Armenia, Evaneos’ local experts are waiting to create your perfect trip.

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Local expertise and 24/7 support

Evaneos has rigorous selection criteria for the agencies it works with. Its local partners are all fully licenced, English-speaking professionals who are passionate about helping travellers explore the destination they call home. Being locally-based, they’re available 24/7 on-the-ground while you travel and can advise you on everything from how to avoid tourist traps to where you can find hidden gems that only locals know about.

Tailor-made travel at a fairer price

Like any tailor-made tour, with Evaneos you can customise everything in your itinerary to suit your travel style, interests and budget. The difference? You won’t pay a hefty middle-man fee. Evaneos takes its commission from the local agencies it works with, not its travellers, so you’ll pay the same amount regardless of having gone through the Evaneos platform, while benefiting from guarantees like secure online payment in GBP.

Guarantees for safety and security

Evaneos sources and vets the world’s best local agencies, makes them available for travellers to contact via its website, and provides guarantees to ensure that each holiday runs smoothly from start to finish. Evaneos is an ABTA member and has been operating for ten years, so you can book your locally-made trip with confidence.

A fairer deal for everyone

Today, many destinations depend on revenue generated by tourism. Did you know that for every £100 you spend booking a trip through a traditional tour operator, only between £10 and £40 stays in the destination? Through Evaneos’ straight-to-local model, that number is £73, meaning that local economies are able to retain more income while providing you with a unique, personalised travel experience through their extensive network of local suppliers.

Silver Travel Accessible and Assisted

To discuss accessibility and assistance requirements, please call 0117 205 0264 before you book.

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