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We are delighted to announce the arrival of the multi award-winning, TransIndus to Silver Travel Advisor Fraternity. TransIndus is the UK’s leading India specialist for holiday to the Indian Sub-Continent organising tailor-made holidays and group tours for the British travellers for 3 decades. TransIndus are proud of their unrivalled on-the-ground knowledge and local expertise, invaluable in planning holidays to match your needs. They cover India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

Unrivalled Expertise

Since our inception in 1989, expertise has been the foundation of all TransIndus tailored private holidays and small group tours to Asia. We’ve grown from our core area of India and Sri Lanka to cover the whole continent, our team of specialists have lived and travelled in their chosen destinations and we return annually to refresh our knowledge.

Long-standing Relationships

By getting to know our clients and finding exactly what each person hopes to gain from a particular trip, we are able to create journeys that not only live up to expectations, but far exceed them. TransIndus holidays have garnered a satisfaction rating of 99%, and over half our clients travel with us more than once. On the Asia side, our long-standing affiliation with teams in each destination ensures the consistently high quality of service provided on the ground. They are available 24/7 for our clients while on holiday.

Balanced Itineraries

Our goal is simple: to devise comfort-class and luxury holidays that are both culturally stimulating and perfectly tailored to your needs. We appreciate that some people like a tightly scheduled itinerary while others like more independent exploration time. The private holidays we arrange can be devised to suit any traveling style.

Financial Protection

TransIndus are fully bonded by both ATOL and ABTA. This means that a holiday with TransIndus is protected whether it includes international flights or not.

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India is so vast and so diverse that you could spend a lifetime exploring the country and still never see all it has to offer. With careful planning, however, it’s surprising how much you can do in two or three weeks. The Golden Triangle – the quintessential route between Delhi, Jaipur and Agra – combines well with most other parts of India for a broader experience. In Rajasthan, painted elephants, intricately sculpted palaces and quaint rural villages spring to life at every turn. Kerala is a haven of swaying palm trees, idyllic houseboats on tranquil backwaters and beautiful golden sand beaches. The north-western and far-eastern Himalayan States provide excellent opportunities for gentle walking and trekking amid ancient culture and the most spectacular mountainscapes on Earth. The western and southern regions offer soaring temple cities and tiny craft villages alongside the mesmerising Indo-Muslim architecture of ancient dynasties and many more golden beaches. At the heart of India lie the wildlife reserves that protect and sustain the world’s largest population of the endangered Bengal tiger along with many other species of flora and fauna.

Helen Jackson travels around India:
Chapter 1: Delhi
Chapter 2: Pur-ring through Rajasthan
Chapter 3: Tiger spotting in Madhya Pradesh
Chapter 4: Cruising & chilling in southern India

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka fits most people’s idea of a tropical idyll: glorious, golden-sand beaches along the coast; wildlife-rich savannah inland; and a tract of misty mountains at the island’s core – all providing a superbly exotic backdrop for a sophisticated and deep-rooted culture. Whatever kind of holiday you have in mind, it’s worth experiencing the wonders of this Indian Ocean island. The south and east offer lush slopes with beautifully renovated British colonial-era tea bungalows. The city of Kandy at the centre of this verdant hill tract – site of the Temple of the Tooth – is the best place to experience traditional Sinhalese ritual, music, dance and costume. Wildlife enthusiasts will find plenty of inspiration in the island’s national parks, which shelter thriving populations of wild elephant and leopards, while the cobalt waters offshore rank among the best in the world to see whales and spinner dolphins.


Sandwiched between the Gangetic plains and the Tibetan plateau, Nepal encompasses an extraordinary spectrum of landscapes ranging from the grasslands and forests of its southern border with India to the vast wall of ice peaks marching along the Chinese frontier to the north – the legendary Himalaya, or ‘Abode of Snows’. Between these two extremes is a lush, fertile valley that has been a cradle of sophisticated urban civilization for more than 2,500 years. An unparalleled wealth of medieval palaces, Buddhist monasteries and Hindu temples survive intact, along with the traditional religious cultures that gave rise to them.


Buttressed on three sides by high Himalayan peaks, this small, thinly-populated mountain kingdom the size of Switzerland has maintained its traditional way of life to a degree that’s fabulously idiosyn-cratic. One of the most isolated and closed countries in Asia, Bhutan certainly comes close to the old ‘Shangri-La’ myth – where else in the world are men obliged by law to wear Argyll socks and knee-length, cross-buttoned tunics? And which other country can claim as its national symbol an animal that looks like a cross between a cow and a goat (the ‘takin’)? Bhutan has archery as its national sport, has banned foreign television and tobacco, and measures its success not merely in terms of economic growth, but GNH – ‘Gross National Happiness?’ Not only does it score very highly on that scale, but it is also the only nation in the world to be carbon positive.

Silver Travel Accessible and Assisted

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