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Please see the Sunvil website for the latest information.
Sunvil have also put together a series of inspirational travel blogs for a little distraction during lockdown.

Chris Wright, Managing Director, Sunvil, shares a personal message. Recorded in June 2021, this reassuring message from Chris details the steps that Sunvil has taken to enhance their service and holiday experiences.

Celebrating 50 Years

Pushing your boundaries can be one of the most exciting things about an active holiday, especially for Silver Travellers. A new physical challenge perhaps or an exotic destination that’s outside your usual comfort zone, but you want to know that you’re in good hands.

Book with Sunvil and you’ve no need to worry. Their dedicated reservations team have first-hand knowledge of the many destinations in their Active Holidays portfolio. So whatever you’re looking for and whatever you need to know, they’re only a phone call away.

The Sunday Times Travel Award

The Sunvil Active Holidays programme offers a variety of sports and outdoor pursuits in locations across the world. Enjoy hiking? Then try walking inside the volcanoes of The Azores, or combine walking with painting on sunny Crete. or take a self-guided walking holiday along the Rota Vicentina in Portugal.

Maybe you just fancy exploring somewhere far from home. Sunvil have a wide range of breaks across Latin America guaranteed to provide holiday memories to last a lifetime. Ecuador and the Amazon perhaps? The Wildlife and Glaciers of Patagonia? Or how about the dramatic scenery Peru and Brazil.

New, year round holiday programme to Sao Tome and Principe – two verdant, Atlantic islands that once visited, will change your outlook on the world forever.

Sunvil also offer active adventures closer to home, especially in Scandinavia, Greece and Cyprus. Why not try a grand tour of The Azores, island-hopping in West Sweden or a tour of the Norwegian fjords.

Sunvil are now offering holidays to Greece by train – more details

Silver Travel Accessible and Assisted

For accessibility and assistance requirements, please call 020 8568 4499 before you book.

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