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Our History

Travel Editions was set up 24 years ago with the intention of offering a range of cultural short breaks and extended tours which would appeal to ‘travellers’ not ‘tourists’ and whose itineraries were not readily available on the high street – the legion of loyal customers who travel with us year after year shows that this philosophy is succeeding!

As the years have passed, our range of tours has developed and diversified. More than 20 years ago we launched a rail holiday to Provence travelling by Eurostar and TGV to Avignon – today this is one of over 40 tours that use this mode of transport – the journey becomes part of the holiday and is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel.

We also offer a large range (over 80 in 2018) of special events in the UK with expert speakers, concerts, special dinners in historic locations such as the SS Great Britain and many other unique events that bring the culture and history of our wonderful country to life. This has been expanded to adopt the same principles on short educational trips abroad which is found in our Art & History Abroad programme.

Tour Types

Our eclectic mix of tour types continue to grow and includes Tours by Air, Art/History Tours, Christmas Tours, Culinary Tours, Garden & Flower Tours, Music Tours, Rail Tours, and Walking Tours.

Our philosophy remains the same

‘to offer the benefits of group travel but to treat every customer as an individual’