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Goes to:
  • Africa:Ethiopia
  • Africa:Kenya
  • Africa:Madagascar
  • Africa:Malawi
  • Africa:Namibia
  • Africa:Senegal
  • Africa:South Africa
  • Africa:Sudan
  • Africa:Swaziland
  • Africa:Uganda
  • Africa:Zambia
  • Asia:Armenia
  • Asia:Bhutan
  • Asia:Borneo
  • Asia:Cambodia
  • Asia:China
  • Asia:Georgia
  • Asia:India
  • Asia:Indonesia
  • Asia:Japan
  • Asia:Kyrgyzstan
  • Asia:Laos
  • Asia:Mongolia
  • Asia:Nepal
  • Asia:Philippines
  • Asia:Sri Lanka
  • Asia:Uzbekistan
  • Asia:Vietnam
  • Caribbean:Haiti
  • Caribbean:Jamaica
  • Europe:Albania
  • Europe:Bosnia
  • Europe:Croatia
  • Europe:Estonia
  • Europe:Latvia
  • Europe:Lithuania
  • Europe:Macedonia
  • Europe:Moldova
  • Europe:Montenegro
  • Europe:Romania
  • Europe:Russia
  • Europe:Serbia
  • Europe:Turkey
  • Europe:Ukraine
  • Middle East:Iran
  • Middle East:Oman
  • South America:Argentina
  • South America:Bolivia
  • South America:Chile
  • South America:Colombia
  • South America:Ecuador
  • South America:Guyana
  • South America:Peru
  • South America:Suriname
  • Africa:Algeria
  • Asia:Burma / Myanmar
  • Africa:Benin
  • Africa:Ghana
  • Africa:Togo
  • Asia:Azerbaijan
  • Asia:Turkmenistan
  • Europe:Belarus
  • Africa:Guinea-Bissau
  • Africa:Sao Tome and Principe
  • Central America:Nicaragua
  • Asia:Bangladesh
  • Africa:Cameroon
  • Asia:East Timor
  • Africa:Reunion
  • Africa:Sierra Leone
  • Africa:Burkina Faso
  • Africa:Burundi
  • Africa:Chad
  • Africa:Comoros
  • Africa:DR Congo
  • Africa:Congo
  • Africa:Equatorial Guinea
  • Africa:Eritrea
  • Africa:Ivory Coast
  • Africa:Somaliland
  • Asia:Tajikistan
  • Europe:Kosovo
  • Middle East:Iraq


Undiscovered Destinations, is an award winning and groundbreaking ‘soft’ adventure travel company dedicated to providing truly authentic experiences in some of the world’s most exciting regions. Offering small group adventure holidays as well as tailor-made itineraries, Undiscovered Destinations focuses on countries and regions that can genuinely be described as off the beaten track. We are delighted to partner with Silver Travel Advisor and to offer readers the opportunity to join our carefully researched travel experiences.

Most of our itineraries and even many of our destinations are offered by no other UK companies. In addition, our experienced team have unparalleled passion and enthusiasm for adventure travel and are keen to share their love of exploration with curious and discerning clients. As a small and independent company Undiscovered Destinations offer a truly personalised service, and when you call us you can be sure that you will be talking to someone dedicated to helping you get the most from your travels.

At Undiscovered Destinations we place enormous importance on making sure that our tours and tailor made adventure holidays are designed with the traveller in mind, and don’t cut corners to save on a few pounds. We don’t aim to provide the cheapest tours available as we believe that this rarely does justice to the places visited. What we do concentrate on is ensuring that our tours contain the very best elements of the region we’re travelling through, whether that is a well-known highlight or a hidden gem tucked away that few get to see.

India with Undiscovered Destinations

Pushkar sunrise

Book any of Undiscovered Destinations tours in India and save £100 per person by quoting SilverTravelAdvisor100.

This offer is valid for any new group travel bookings made between 15th May 2018 and 31st December 2018.

Call 0191 296 2674 or take a look at our India group tours.