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Have you ever wanted to stand before Michelangelo’s David in splendid isolation, be welcomed backstage at some of the world’s most iconic opera houses or enjoy private tours at world renowned art galleries or museums? Well, you can. With our Travels In… tours, you will be treated to incredible experiences made possible by our little black book, you will stay at hand-picked hotels and the heart of your chosen destination will be further explored through delicious cuisine, traditions and personal encounters.

A sub-brand of Specialist Journeys, at Andante Travel we offer unique cultural tours that are led by expert guides, ranging from artists and music critics, to writers and food lovers. So, whether you’re moving to the intoxicating rhythms of flamenco at a dance class, indulging in ‘Super Tuscan’ wines in an Italian vineyard or discovering the folk-craft history of Matryoshka Dolls at a workshop in Russia, we have something to inspire and delight you.

Our destinations range from the stunning French Riviera and some of Italy’s most beloved cities, to the fast-paced metropolis that is New York City and even to vibrant Cuba. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with locals in these places, allowing us to make our tours even more exclusive: offering more special access, exciting adventures in gastronomy and engaging hands-on experiences.

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