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Artisan Travel is an independent UK-based tour operator specialising in providing life-enriching holidays across Scandinavia, North America and the Mediterranean which combine expertise, hand-picked locations and local knowledge to deliver remarkable year-round holidays.

Built on over 15 years of travel know-how, Artisan Travel has made sure that ‘experience’ is at the heart of everything they do. Whether you’re ticking the Northern Lights off your bucket list in Finnish Lapland, whale watching on the Atlantic Ocean, touring the vast Alaskan Railroads, sailing the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea or witnessing the magic of the Midnight sun in Norway – Artisan Travel will be your shortcut to your dream adventure.

Artisan Travel has sampled all of their first-rate destinations, going beneath the surface with the help of their chosen friends and partners from across the globe. The Artisan Travel team have stayed in the accommodation, tasted the local cuisine, immersed themselves in the culture, tried out the activities and ticked off incredible bucket list experiences; all to make sure they provide you with the very best memories of your holiday with them.

Artisan Travel will be delighted to discuss their range of impressive holidays with you and provide you with specific information on prices, travel dates and discuss specialised requests. You can also find more detailed information about each of the holidays at or contact a Travel Expert directly on 01670 333 546 or email [email protected]

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