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Door to Door luggage delivery

Luggage Mule is the UK’s leading door to door luggage delivery service, specialising in guaranteed on-time deliveries worldwide.

Offering luggage allowances up to 30kg per suitcase or box as well as sports equipment shipping from bikes, golf clubs and ski equipment, Luggage Mule simply collect your luggage from your home or workplace and deliver to your destination whether this be a private or business address or even your hotel or cruise ship.

Low, competitive prices, impeccable customer service levels and a seamless customer journey is what really sets Luggage Mule apart from the competition and they really do believe that once you have used Luggage Mule, you’ll never carry your luggage again!

Take the right amount of luggage on holiday

  • Luggage Mule customers can send 10kg, 20kg, 25kg & 30kg bags & sports equipment without airline excess luggage charges or the need to carry heavy baggage on trains or through airports.
  • Packing Freedom. Don’t leave anything behind…pack as many clothes as you or your family needs for a truly relaxing holiday.
  • Home to Holiday … or anywhere you need your luggage to be delivered.
  • Home or Office collections. The default service will be for luggage to be collected from your home 2, 3 or 4 days before your departure to ensure luggage arrives on time.
  • Guaranteed to be delivered on time for your arrival date.
  • Speedy Travel through airports and railways.

The average Luggage Mule customer can save 4 hours off their journey time

  • NO airport check-in – SAVE 1hr 15 min – Check-in online and spend more time relaxing in airport lounge or shopping.
  • NO carousel queues – SAVE 45 min – No waiting for bags when you arrive at resort or home – Exactly the same on the journey home.

Save time, stress and money and send your luggage ahead with Luggage Mule.