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Trafalgar have temporarily suspended all guided vacations across the globe for trips departing up and until 30 April 2020. Please see the Trafalgar website for the latest information.


Trafalgar connects you with people, places and experiences to reveal the diversity of the places we go.

We give you the real thing, without you having to worry about a thing. From the icons to the unexpected, get those ‘pinch me’ moments through a series of Trafalgar highlights other travellers may never know about, or have access to.

Connect with locals proud to bring you into their homes, share their cultures and tell their tales so you can experience their way of life first hand. Live the legacies of hotels that are more than just a bed for the night, but a piece of the local heritage. Discover our secret spots and Hidden Gems.

Your essentials are covered, from accommodation, many meals and sightseeing – even VIP entry at the icons.

Our Travel Directors, Local Specialists and Drivers take care of every detail at every step, making your experience as unique as you are. So leave the logistics to us and you’ll make the most of every minute.

It’s the people and places we’ve known since 1947, with feedback from over five million guests like you that fuel our innovation to craft simply the best holidays.

Every hour, every continent, we bring you the good life.

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Silver Travel Accessible and Assisted

For accessibility and assistance information, please read the ‘Health and medical needs’ section on this page or call 0808 274 1098 to discuss your requirements further.

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