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The world’s most spectacular Tall Ships

For nearly 30 years, Star Clippers has been leading the way in providing authentic sailing experiences upon some of the most unique and timeless vessels on the seas. If you are looking for an adventure on the waves which includes the atmosphere and character of traditional sailing but still with the comfort and luxury found on most modern cruises, then look no further. Visiting intimate ports often untouched by larger cruise ships and offering passengers the activities, amenities and atmosphere of a private yacht, creating the holiday experience of a lifetime.

The Star Clippers Experience

The gentle lapping of waves against a wind driven hull. A pod of dolphins playing in the curling bow wave. A salute to a propitious marriage, the wedding of a splendid cruise holiday with the romance of sailing aboard a true tall ship. It is the unique combination of sailing tradition and pampered relaxation that is the essence of Star Clippers. For within the setting of a magnificently evocative Tall ship is a world for those who seek an authentic sailing adventure without sacrificing creature comforts.

These graceful ships fly along the waves, just like the legendary clippers of a century and a half ago. And this is as much an adventure in highly evolved relaxation as it is in tradition. For though computers have not replaced the skilled hands of the crew in the art of raising sails, guests are not expected to become barefoot seamen. Relax and let the crew do the work.

Now come aboard Star Clipper, Star Flyer or Royal Clipper. As thousands of square feet of sail unfurl above you, you will feel the elation of those mariners of long ago. Because this is Star Clippers and the adventure has only just begun.

Star Clippers is currently taking bookings up until March 2023

Summer 2021 & 2022

  • Royal Clipper sails around the Mediterranean from Rome, Venice, Athens, Cannes.
  • Star Flyer sails around the Eastern Mediterranean discovering the Greek Islands from Athens.
  • Star Clipper will return to the Mediterranean in 2022 where she will sail into and out of Cannes, Rome, Istanbul and Athens.
  • Firm favourites include the Grand Prix, Venice roundtrips and our new sailings Yachtsman’s Paradise & Delightful Dervishes in and out of Istanbul for Summer 2022

Winter 2021, 2022 & 2023

  • Royal Clipper home ports in Barbados sailing the Grenadines & Windward Islands sailings (as well as Panama Canal).
  • Star Flyer home ports in St Maarten sailing around the Leeward Islands & Treasure Islands.
  • Star Clipper home ports in Asia sailing out of Phuket & Singapore and also Borneo for Winter 2021 – 2022, watch this space for where she will be sailing in Winter 2022 -23.

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