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A holiday with Tailor Made Rail is a relaxing, hassle-free experience. Travelling independently, you are able to travel at your own pace to places that you want to visit, staying in comfortable and convenient hotels along the way. Away from the bustle and chaos of airports, a rail holiday is the most authentic way to see a country and to travel with ease throughout Europe.

Aside from being a greener way to go, rail travel is truly part of the holiday itself. At Tailor Made Rail we believe that your holiday begins the moment you reach your first station, and our meticulous attention to detail ensures you have a smooth journey around the pan-European rail network. Your travel pack includes clearly-presented wallets containing all your tickets and vouchers as well as tips for the journey, which station to look out for on the departure boards and guides to the destinations you will be visiting.

Our team of experts at Tailor Made Rail have first-hand experience of the trains, hotels and little extra snippets of information to ensure that you make the most of your holiday. Recommending the most scenic routes, the most convenient hotels and the most relevant tours and excursions, we don’t just know the trains, we know the destinations as well. At Tailor Made Rail, we pride ourselves on constructing bespoke holidays based on your requirements, so whether you fancy Italy for the opera, Germany for its Christmas Markets, mountain railways in Switzerland or something further afield such as Istanbul or Morocco, we can turn your plans into reality.

Tailor Made Rail on Silver Travel Radio

Simon Hodge talked to the Silver Travel Show about travelling by train in Europe and the pleasures that brings.

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