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Since the pandemic began, Madeira has adopted preventive measures to combat it. Here you can see how the pandemic has evolved and learn about additional measures implemented by the regional government of Madeira.

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Imagine a true natural paradise, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and in the centre, between Europe and the Americas. The islands of Madeira and Porto Santo, along with the rest of the archipelago, are this paradise, with two thirds of the land protected, the world’s largest Laurisilva forest present and a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve situated in the Natural Park. The vibrant colours of the flowering plants is striking in contrast against the deep blue sea and the lush green vegetation.

The climate is mild, all year round, which makes Madeira an ideal location for outdoor events and activities. The famous festivals, celebrating the Atlantic, the Flowers, Columbus, and the New Year fireworks, are excellent times to visit the island if you enjoy a spectacle and a lively holiday. For walking, the vast trail of levadas provide wonderful opportunities to explore the countryside and for those who enjoy the sea, boat rides for whale and dolphin watching are on offer too. Golf, diving and surfing are available too.

The tranquillity of the islands allows for a genuine sense of well-being, away from day to day stresses. There are spas and thalassotherapy to restore the mind and body, in the peaceful, luxuriant surroundings of this very special island. Gourmet food and the eponymous wine are all part of the rejuvenating atmosphere on Madeira. Added to this, there’s a wide range of accommodation, including the world-class quintas, all with superb service and a tradition of hospitality.

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Visit Madeira – safe to discover

Madeira has pioneered the development of a good practices document to deal with Covid-19. These measures will provide comfort to those who travel, and are ultimately for the wellbeing of all. All visitors are required to take a Covid-19 test, either on arrival at Madeira’s airport, or 72 hours prior to arrival. The reassurance of these and other safety measures make Madeira the perfect winter and summer sunshine break, and you can look forward to a happy and relaxing holiday environment. Read more

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