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  • Europe:Belgium
  • Europe:Bosnia
  • Europe:Bulgaria
  • Europe:Croatia
  • Europe:Czech Republic
  • Europe:Denmark
  • Europe:Finland
  • Europe:France
  • Europe:Germany
  • Europe:Greece
  • Europe:Hungary
  • Europe:Ireland
  • Europe:Italy
  • Europe:Luxembourg
  • Europe:Macedonia
  • Europe:Montenegro
  • Europe:Netherlands
  • Europe:Norway
  • Europe:Poland
  • Europe:Portugal
  • Europe:Romania
  • Europe:Serbia
  • Europe:Slovakia
  • Europe:Slovenia
  • Europe:Spain
  • Europe:Sweden
  • Europe:Switzerland
  • Europe:Turkey


The Highlights:

  1. You can explore 30 European countries with One Global Pass for as little as £205.
  2. You can now buy your Interrail Pass up to 11 months in advance.
  3. Your Interrail Pass is now valid for 1 outbound and 1 inbound journey to get you to and from the continent.
  4. Interrail One Country Passes are now also available for travellers over the age of 60.

Enjoy the pleasures of European rail travel with My InterRail, part of the trusted National Rail brand.

The Interrail Story

The InterRail Pass was originally launched back in 1972, with the aim of encouraging young people to explore Europe by rail. Fast forward some 40 years and there is now an InterRail Pass for everyone: no longer the exclusive preserve of back-packing youth travellers, the extended Pass range now also offers adults, children and seniors aged 60 and over the opportunity to discover – or re-discover – the delights of Europe by train.

The Interrail Product Range

The Global Pass from My InterRail offers you the freedom of 30 European countries, from Portugal to Finland and from Ireland to Turkey. See Europe at your own pace – the Global Pass ranges from a short ‘Flexi’ duration of 5 days in 15 up to a maximum of one full month’s continuous validity with prices starting at just £235 per person for a 2nd Class Adult Pass. Special Senior Pass prices apply for those over 60 years of age, with Pass prices starting from £210 – but if you book an unrefundable ticket before the end of 2017, there’s a 15% saving, reducing the cost to just £179pp.

Or if you want to explore your favourite country in more depth, choose from the range of 27 different One Country Passes from My InterRail. These are available in ‘Flexi’ format only, offering a choice of 3, 4, 6 or 8 travel days in one month. And again there are special Senior Pass prices for those over 60 years of age, with Pass prices starting from as little as £46.

Enhance your European break by opting for a First Class Pass and enjoy additional comfort and luxury as you glide through Europe.

My InterRail is committed to offering you the best possible InterRail experience at the best possible price! We don’t charge booking fees or credit card fees when you order with us and for your peace of mind, we only dispatch your tickets via Special Delivery. We also offer optional Ticket Protection in the event that you lose your Pass while you are abroad.

Check out our range of InterRail Passes and start planning your European rail holiday today.

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