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A mesmerising and spellbinding celestial light show that has fascinated mankind for millennia; the Aurora Borealis is Mother Nature’s greatest spectacle and is an epic travel experience that simply cannot be missed. As the UK’s original Northern Lights holiday company, The Aurora Zone exists solely to maximise your chances of witnessing the spectacular Aurora Borealis and their award-winning team are dedicated to helping you tick this incredible experience off your bucket list.

The Aurora Zone has been built on years of passion, scientific research, expert knowledge and first-hand experience, resulting in an unparalleled collection of Northern Lights holidays in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland. With tours running from September to early April, The Aurora Zone offers a range of holidays from relaxed to more active itineraries, so whether you would like to try snowmobiling, dog sledding, reindeer experiences, cross-country skiing or simply want to enjoy some stunning parts of the world at your own pace – they have the holiday to match.

For your best chance of witnessing Mother Nature’s greatest wonder, call an Aurora Expert today on 01670 785 097 or click here to find detailed information about each of the holidays.

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