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Would you travel without a guidebook?

@Barrowman – you are a man after my own heart – I love lamination! If I’m going on a city break, I love a laminated flexi-map of the city.

I too was impressed by your range of travel books. We had a major clear out a couple of years back when we knew we wouldn’t be needing them any longer and also that many were several years out of date.

I’m like Barrowman and do collect things during a holiday. I still have a holiday diary I wrote on a trip to France with my two aunts in 1960 still with all the admission tickets and even a key we forgot to hand in somewhere. We revisted many of the places a few years ago and it was interesting comparing the the views of 14 year old Eleanor…


HMJ wrote:

HMJ 14:43 22-Mar-16 #15
The next question then @Barrowman is what do you do with what you pick up – file it or ditch it?

I personally keep everything!

I’m the same as you @HMJ I keep everything right down to any bus,train or admission tickets, they are all laminated and kept in a holiday folder along with anything else accumulated during my travels…..Something for my children to throw away at a later date no doubt, but I like to think they might make use of it but who knows….


The next question then @Barrowman is what do you do with what you pick up – file it or ditch it?

I personally keep everything!

That is some collection of guide books HMJ, I cannot ever remember ever using a guide book myself, usually its internet research and picking up information and maps from the places we visit along with following my nose.


Not a big fan of guide books, tend to research online these days and other than that … I tend to follow my nose!!!


You are all much more adventurous than me! I will now confess to having a rather large collection of guide books (many of them won) – here is about half of them. I won’t throw any of them away so have numerous versions of Egypt. I joke with my god-daughter that when I pass on, I will bequeath them to her!

I tend to use a guidebook to establish a framework of what I’d like to do on a trip, then fill in the blanks as I go along similar to the ideas above….talk to people, interesting signposts, just wander, local guides……….

Essex UK

drewlin wrote:

We do a lot of research prior to a trip on the internet

I use the internet too, it’s a good way of finding current information on opening times and prices. I find that many of the nice and more affordable places to stay aren’t listed with the tourist boards, nearly always checking them on TripAdvisor, but reading the reviews with caution.

pink wrote:

some of my best travels resulted from chatting with others en route and in cafes

It’s great fun chatting to people, isn’t it? They so often have little tips about places that you’d otherwise miss and the scenic route to get there. They’ll often give you ideas about where the next cafe stop should be too

When planning an independent tour, it’s 2 hours travel between each night’s stop and a day to do it in. Following interesting looking signposts has taken me to all sorts of places that I’d never have found if I’d depended on guide books. Navigation- a good map.


I wouldn’t go without a Lonely Planet – but I travel independently and on my own, so need something to hang my ideas on.

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