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Worth visiting Tourist destinations in Kerala

I saw some of the backwater houseboats when I was in Kerala – one with tourists lounging at the front with wine, and man at the back frantically bailing out water with a scooped-out lemonade bottle! There was an inspection of the boats while I was there – of 40 boats, 21 failed safety checks, none taken off the water. I love India, but let’s not pretend stuff like this doesn’t happen there.

Just spotted Pathin’s piece on the ‘Alleppey houseboats’ so did a quick google as we are always up for something different on the water.

Looked at this site…

No matter how I look at the site I get the impression that all the ‘packages’ are for just one day: or as they state it, ’__one Day & Night trip".__

Maybe ‘Pathin’ can advise?


Kerala is known as the paradise on the earth. There are many beautiful destinations to visit in Kerala :

Munnar is the beautiful hill station which is covered with tea gardens all around. It gives a lush green scenic view which attracts tourists from far and near. Its natural beauty is the major attraction. You can visit other wonderful destination in Munnar of which echo point and top station are breathtaking.

Echo Point is about 15 km from Munnar. Go and scream out there and you will get your voice back after a minute which is so interesting.
Top station is the other lovely place which is about 32 km from Munnar. It is the highest pont. It is on the Kerala Tamil Nadu border. You can feel as if you are holding clouds in your hands.

Kerala backwaters : Do not miss the Alleppey houseboats. They will give you a memorable experience. It provides all modern facilities like deluxe rooms, kitchen, washrooms, balcony and all other comforts.

There are also other wonderful destinations to visit in Kerala.


What’s a "yurvedic center"?


Kerala is well known for its beaches, backwaters, national parks, yurvedic centers and wildlife sanctuaries. Visit to this amazingly beautiful state, you will get an array of vacation attractions to explore. Specifically, following are some places you must visit during kerala tour:

• Tiruvananthpuram
• Kovalam
• Kumarakoram
• Priyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Thekkady
• Munnar
• Cochin
• Thrissur

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