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World Cruise for Costa

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Costa Cruises, after 17 years, is again proposing a truly unique adventure: the historical “Around-the-World Cruise”.

The Costa Deliziosa will depart from Savona (Italy) on a voyage that from December 28, 2011 to April 6, 2012 will visit five continents. The ship will circumnavigate the globe in 100 days, visiting 37 ports and offering 250 different excursions.

The Around-the-World cruise, which already sold out months prior to departure, will host about 2,300 passengers from around the world: more than half the guests will be Italian and German, along with numerous French and Spanish. In the wake of the tremendous success of this fascinating cruise, the company will also propose the itinerary in 2013, departing from Savona on 6th January and return to Savona on 16th April 2013, always onboard Costa Deliziosa.

The 250 excursions during the itinerary will be organised to make the around-the-world cruise a unique and unforgettable experience. During the voyage it will be possible to experience all the excitement of helicopter flyover of the Grand Canyon, to tempt lady luck in Las Vegas casinos, take part in the traditional Polynesian dances in Honolulu, and visit the Pinnacles Desert of Perth, the Blue Mountains of Sydney and the mysterious monolith of Ayers Rock.

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