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Winter Travel

@Bill-Sheila wrote:

just won a Seniors railcard in the February competition


Look forward to reading your review.

Essex UK

Thank you all for your help. No decision yet but will post a review if we do. Having just won a Seniors railcard in the February competition, will apply for one for the wife and then seriously consider doing it by rail.

@Bill-Sheila wrote:

but would like to try the West Country at Christma

Did you book up for this trip in the end?

Essex UK

As Jo says the weather is unpredictable, so there’s no way anyone can predict the weather conditions around Christmas with any accuracy.

The terms & conditions of your booking will determine if you get a refund or not, there are plenty that allow you to cancel up to 24 hours before arrival but you may be hard pressed to find one that will allow that over the Christmas period.

I’d be more inclined to take the train if you’re concerned about the driving but also have a look at local coach companies or even National Express as another option.

Essex UK

I can’t comment on whether hotels would help with a refund – I do know of someone who had a winter wedding and needed farmers to come out with tractors to get them to the venue!

It’s impossible to second-guess the weather – we could have a mild Christmas, or be knee-deep in snow and everything grind to a halt. Gritters do what their best – but even so, journeys could be long, tedious, cold – or easy-peasy as everyone has stayed at home.

I know rail travel can feel risky – but, once you have a ticket, the rail companies are contracted to get you to your destination. So, even if a train is cancelled, for whatever reason, they must look after you. I know cancellations can mean overcrowded trains – but they will get you there eventually, if not on time.

So I suppose it depends if you are ready for an adventure. Me – I’d travel hopefully, and always have money with me for a taxi and/or overnight hotel stay if the journey goes wrong.

Do let us know what you decide to do!

Does anyone have advice or experiences on winter travel problems?
Did you have trouble reaching your Christmas/New Year Hotel in the UK?
Did your hotel help?
Did you get refunded?
We have never ventured more than 50 miles of Rotherham but would like to try the West Country at Christmas. Driving in deep snow worries us and you cannot trust the rail companies at the moment .
Your advice would be appreciated.

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