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Win a week’s stay for 2 at thie GK Beach Hotel in Crete

We have only had one holiday in Agios Nikolaos in Crete and although it was lovely it was a much bigger place than we expected. I had imagined a small quiet resort but it was actually quite large and was a cruise stop so was very busy a lot of the time. I now try to make sure I do more research so I am not in for any shocks. I would love to try other areas of Crete and it has a lovely climate.

Greece has been on my bucket list for ages. I’d love to eat a Greek salad in Greece!

Crete is such a beautiful island, with such a variety of villages, mountain routes and friendly people – if you can tear yourself away from the beautiful beaches and coastal life. Been twice before to the east of the island but never stayed in the west. Still dreaming of that visit.

I have never been to Crete so would love to win this prize xx

Would love to see crete

Crete is beautiful. I have such good memories of visits many years ago; swimming warm waters, the smell of inland wild herbs, goat bells, Lassithi and the Knossos site … too many to go on about! We never did get over to the western side but it is said to be spectacular and I would love to see it while I am still able!

We used to holiday in Greece almost every year until we discovered cruising and escorted tours. We spent two weeks near Chania about 20 years ago. What a lovely town. It would be wonderful to return.

Went to Crete for a few hours during our last cruise. It was beautiful and would love to go back and spend longer there. We were stood at the waterfront in Chania in beautiful sunshine and turned around to see the snow capped mountains – simply wonderful.


Would love to go back to Crete, I was 22 the last time I visited.

Crete is great. Would love to go back

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