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Maybe this book will give me the courage and confidence to have an adventure

I have now been skiing on my own 3 times – each time I chose a chalet holiday where I met lots of lovely people. Each time people were amazed that I was on my own, I had plenty of company and my skiing improved

The fantastic holiday in sunny Madeira when on my own and meeting those who were sharing the levada walk…..an international mix of interesting personalities whom I am sure I would not have met had I not been on my own

JoCarroll wrote:

As for tales of travelling alone

I thought of you straightaway when I saw this thread Jo @JoCarroll.

I saw a couple of the writers of this book speak at the Swindon Festival of Literature.

As for tales of travelling alone … where do I begin? The close encounter with a tiger? The man with the gun in Lucknow? The most frightening – and the only time I thought I might not come out of the experience in one piece, was the cyclone in the Himalayas.

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