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Win a copy of Brian Jackman's Wild About Britain

congratulations @barney and @salfordian for your wonderful winning posts, and thankyou for sharing

thankyou @coolonespa for calling in the cavalry, and thank you @jenniesilver for letting us know the winning forum post and article comment, and thus giving us all the opportunity to reread and re-enjoy, as well as giving us clues about what to strive for in any future sta competitions we may wish to enter

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GDB1 wrote:

I am not sure whether everyone that wanted to know, actually knew

you’re right @gdb1 i had no idea ~ still don’t know who won the second book
anyway i was delighted to return to and reread your delightful winning post ~ well done and thankyou

Thanks @JennieSilver ….I for one enjoyed the @salfordian post

Hi everyone
The forum names are Barney and Salfordian. There can be a privacy issue, however we do generally say that if you enter a competition your name will be publicised.
Hope this helps. Jennie

Probably need to bring someone @Silver-Travel-Advisor in on this as the moderators neither set the prizes, choose or announce the winners.

Essex UK

I really don’t want to add to this dilemma as I can see both sides….. I am very ‘open book’ and those that have read my ‘rants’ will know that I don’t mind being recognised….. I was delighted to have won the ’Cheetah’s Tale by HRH Princess Michael of Kent’ but I am not sure whether everyone that wanted to know, actually knew. As said, whilst I don’t have a problem with people knowing who I am, I do understand that some are more private.
In an open competition such as this last one, we were asked to share our love of nature either as a comment or as a post on this particular thread, so it seems reasonable for those who did enter to know what won, as well as who won. As the winners’ actual names are revealed by STA, to then re-post a copy of the winning post would in turn reveal the avatars, and anonymity lost….. thus the dilemma.

The simple solution, for us the regular participants, is to ask STA to announce a winner by revealing their avatar + the winning post, and NOT their actual name. I hope that makes sense.

I’m with @pink on this one – it would be nice to read the winning entries (especially as the book of the month winners are given their avatar names).


i can’t quite get my head around that coolonespa
i’m off to stick my head in a bucket of cold water and see it that helps to make sense of it

Unfortunately not @pink We have always given the real names of prize winners on the site’s prize winners page, seems more personal, so to reveal their user ID on the Forum would give the ability to match them up.

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