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Where is your favourite holiday destination

For me, I’ve always enjoyed South East Asia – all the various places have a lot to offer.
But then so does the South Pacific, and South America ..So many places, so little time!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

I really loved my road trip to South Australia
my friend and me planned a great trip by ourselves
also we used some tips and tricks sorta “how to save money durind your travel” from online deals collector Rabato

Can’t decide between the Highlands and Islands of Scotland (where my heart is) or Swedish Lapland (where my dreams are – I have become a Northern Lights addict!).

You are lucky @Rishabhb392 it is only a few hundred miles from you in New Dheli.


Kasol and Malana, Himachal Pradesh are so lovely places that I want to visit again and again! :)

Hello @solobackpacker and welcome to the forum. Many thanks for you contribution and look forward to reading others.


Poland, Krakow, has such a great feel. The central square has a really nice buzz. Food is amazing! and can be cheap in some streets just outside of the main square..

Hi there, I always love to visit California’s destinations as Conejo Valley there hills, beaches, and winery really fascinating. If anyone have experience to visit California can share it here, it will be helpful for first time visitors like me. thank you so much.

Quite fancy Cardiff & now I have endorsements from @Sammy15 and @Hardyplant I need to elevate it up the bucket list priority order.

Essex UK
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