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Its added @Rumbaabaa and welcome to the Forum from another Essex poster.

Essex UK

Location added – I hope!!!


Thanks for updating your location @PamWNorth

Essex UK

Just updated mine. My location always showed on the old forum,dont know why it didnt transfer.

North Northumberland

Barrowman wrote:

Its nice to know where in this country, or even abroad another member lives, not the exact address, just a town or even the county…. I know I do on occasions, one that springs to mind was the other day when a comment was made on the weather where they were.

So after you have added your location to you profile come back here and tell us you have done it, that way this thread will stay high up the topics list and it might encourage new member to do the same.

You never know I might be a neighbour of yours and we could meet for a chat. You may even be visiting my part of the country and would like some local knowledge before your come".

Thank you in advance………….David

I agree with David, if you have a few moments, why not add your location.

Its quite easy to add a location to your avatar, just:
Go to your profile (either click on your ID in one of your posts or click on My Account near the top of the page)
Go to the Forum Location box 2nd from bottom of the page and add your location
Click Update to save it
– half a minute and job done.

Essex UK

Well done drewlin, thanks

Essex UK

Finally remembered to add mine.


Thanks, @coolonespa.

Re. the chalkboards: I was in charge of the grandchildren at this point.
We all sat down at the little ink stained desks with our slates and crayons and did what the ‘teacher’ told us.
Apart from the heavy breathing that goes with total concentration, silence reigned. Bliss.
And we all got full marks!
The desks were the kind with seats attached. Needless to say, extricating myself at the end of our lesson required a squish and a squeeze


I’m glad you had a great time @GeminiJen I’ve just read your review and it sounds a fabulous place to stay, very similar to some cottages we found near Kilmarnock. Great pictures too. Here’s a link to anyone to wants to read the review Crubenbeg Cottages

Also enjoyed the review of the Folk Museum I laughed at the chalkboards, may be a good idea to bring them and some of those lessons back. Thanks for posting your first couple of reviews.

Summer (also whispering) certainly arrived here, we had a lovely weekend with the family all at our house, so I know what you mean about going away being more relaxing for the host. It was so hot yesterday my Grandson spent most of the afternoon in the paddling pool, lashed up with factor 50+ of course. I think I got nearly as wet from playing with him, I might as well have gone in.

Essex UK

Further to my July 15 posting …and Coolonespa’s July 22 response….
We had a great holiday in the Cairngorms, thanks… action packed.
The weather wasn’t brilliant. But then, I hold to the view that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.
Our ages ranged from 3 to 70. This was our first family holiday on neutral ground, as it were.
Before, we’ve met up in each others’ homes…in Scotland, Barcelona and North Yorks.
This was so much more relaxing, certainly for those hosting!
Our cottages were excellent, and I’ve submitted a review: Crubenbeg Highland Country Cottages.
One of our days out was to the Highland Folk Museum in Newtonmore, also excellent. I’ve submitted a review of that too, if of interest.
And here…..(whispering so as not to tempt Fate) summer may actually have arrived…….
Hope it has where you are too….

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