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what is its like to travels alone

I’m off to Ecuador and the Galapagos on my own in January (I’ve told my kids I’m away for six weeks, but actually it’s closer to seven) – so maybe that can inspire you too!

What an interesting journey. I’ve never had the opportunity to travel alone outside of the UK. You’ve given me some ideas!


You’re never alone when you’re travelling alone becaase you meet somebody and then they’re not alone either.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

I love solo travel. I had enjoyed my vacation with my own terms.


Solo travel allows you to enjoy a place on your own term.. I love solo travel..

Exdancer Yes, if there was a like button I too would have pressed it! Well done you and thank you for sharing your experiences, helpful information and super photographs.

North Northumberland

Here is some extra information & photographs from @exdancer

You san see why I was dismayed when the taxi dropped me outside a small hotel in this street, alone, in the middle of the night.

This is the Citadel of Amman, a long climb up a steep hill but well worth it for the view (I had to take a taxi). Whilst I was resting a couple of Arab men appeared with bagpipes and played ‘Scotland the Brave’ over and over several times. It was quite bizarre, I gave them a tip in a cloth cap they had on a rock, and went away smiling

Inside the Hotel Amman Pasha – the dining room – the owner’s wife and a waiter. (They were holding hands because they were dancing round the room. Its not a very good picture of the dancing but its the only one I have, the dance seemed to consist of a hop, step and a sideways complicated legs crossed skip. It looked great fun – all the diners were expected to join in with another person joining the line after each circuit.

This Beduin man serves us mint tea which he cooked on hot stones in the centre of that table thing. But note the electric light bulb and TV in the background!

The Roman ampitheatre which was just across the busy main road at the bottom of the street. All you had to do was walk 50 yards and cross the busy road – and you were there!

Petra, where I had to see the sights from the back of a camel, it was very hot and tourists with bare arms were getting very sunburned.

These soldiers outside the Treasury look rather intimidating, but they were just having a rest and a break for a cigarette. They give an idea of the scale of the building.
I also visited a rather unusual monestary where they kept the bones of Seven Christian Sleepers (try google) who had gone to sleep whilst on the run from (I think) the Muslims, and had slept for 100 years. I had to wear a cover-up robe and negociate some rocks and steps to reach the shrine.

Thanks for sharing the photos & some excellent additional information.

Essex UK

Have been to Jordan many times and yes they do like the English. This I think goes back to the fact that the royal family in many cases were educated in England and several of the males passed through Sandhurst. My first visit was to Amman in the mid 70’s and was my first experience of being woken during the night by the faithful being called to prayer. I am back there next year on a trip.


Sounds absolutely great @exdancer although when I go I’ll try not to break my ankle.

Look forward to seeing the pics when you find them.

Essex UK
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