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“The Steps of the Sun” & “Far From Home” by Walter Tevis (fiction) 1983 . By the author of “The Man Who fell to Earth” comes this combination of a novel and 13 short stories. The novel part concerns a character who doesn’t sound too dissimilar from Elon Musk as the richest man in USA travels the stars in search of much needed minerals to bolster America’s economy against the overshadowing China to unexpected results.

The short story collection is an interesting selection of Science Fiction scenarios which cover time travel, dopplegangers. quantum leaps and altered states of reality – no little green men and ray guns here, but inexplicable other worldy experiences encountered by the everday and ordinary.

The publishers of this volume have a very intriguing website covering many genres ; http://www.gollancz.co.uk

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Wakefield, West Yorks.

Yesterday, I started to read Jane Eyre. It’s a favorite book of my wife.

The Women’s Atlas by Joni Seager
Sets out how human rights stack up in each country, from maternal death rates to gender income disparity.
An examination of our world with facts displayed in infographics, charts and maps.
Highlights not only the state of women in our world but the state of the world with regard to climate change, global health, affluence and poverty, war and migration…and more..
Fascinating to see how the United States compares (or doesn’t) to “first-world” countries and overexploited countries alike and an invaluable resource for people who travel.
More depressing than uplifting….so best read in your happy place..


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If you have chance to go to one his live events listed on his website

Thanks GW

Essex UK

Highly engrossing Anthony Peake podcast here:

Wakefield, West Yorks.

@coolonespa I saw him speak at last year’s Bradford Lit fest and met him afterwards briefly about his book “Time & The Rose Garden” and his lecture was nothing short of electro magnetic ! If you have chance to go to one his live events listed on his website , it’s well worth going. Certainly a name to watch out for.

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Just finished ‘Midas’ by Russell Andrews – a perturbing tale about murder, corruption, abuse of
power in VERY high circles in the US. If ever you thought the (any) Government had the best
interest of the people at heart………………………think again!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

That sounds really interesting @Grey-Wolf & I noticed that Amazon had the Kindle edition for a very reasonable £2:48, so I’ve downloaded it to read. Thanks GW.

Essex UK

Currently reading “The Daemon ~ A Guide To Your Extraordinary Secret Self” ( 2010 non-fiction) by Anthony Peake. Absolutely unputdownable, very science based, drawing on case studies and developments in neurological research, Anthony Peake explores the notion of the Daemon ( not be confused with demon) in referring to the right hand hemisphere of the brain and its abilities which run over and above that of the practical rational left hand sphere or Eidilon, their relationship to one another in exploring experiences such as precognition, deja vu, dopplegangers, time lapses, as encountered by famous names of the past and the majority of everyday individuals today, suggesting that we are all inhabited by not one but two separate consciousnesses. This author has produced an entire cache of books on this fascinating topic, without sensationalism or speculation, but drawing on the scientific evidence to the many as yet unknown abilities of the human mind and its “Guardian Angel”. His website and other books are well worth looking into:


Wakefield, West Yorks.

Thanks. Seen it. Loved it. Preferred it over “The Night Manager”. Thought Philip Seymour Hoffman was excellent…as ever.

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