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Welcome to the Seaside

Thank you @Fossil, we are lucky to have so many beaches in North Northumberland.

North Northumberland

Lovely scene @PamWNorth

Essex UK

Fabulous picture @PamWNorth. Two weeks ago I travelled by train from Edinburgh to London and was amazed by the number of beautiful beaches we passed in your area.


October Sunshine in North Northumberland

North Northumberland

Interesting happenings on the Essex coastline yesterday that generated headlines such as: “Frinton-on-Sea: Police called as beachgoers left ‘struggling to breathe’”

We were there. At one point someone on the beach mentioned a strong smell of petrol & I could smell that but only briefly. Then the kids had a short coughing spell in the sea but we left unaware of the widespread issues. It was only the munger of emergency services vehicles that were screaming by us as we drove out that made us look it up. We seem none the worse for the experience, I assume they’ll work out exactly what it was at some point.

Essex UK

An interesting piece on “Seagull attacks: Does the UK have a problem?”

Essex UK

Great pictures Alan.

South Coast Jamaica at sunrise:

Essex UK

Something different, beside the seaside in Gambia, sea snakes as well.


What a glorious expanse of lovely white sand – and no rubbish in sight! To me, that is far
better than the much extolled Bondi Beach and Waikiki!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Our beach in Bulgaria.

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