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Walking the 'Camino Way' in northern Spain

That does seem a brilliant option, Steve @coolonespa

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Our @steve-Newman is currently on a cruise with Fred Olsen in conjunction with Ramblers that combines the best of cruising & walking holidays. That might be a consideration for you @pzmaid

He’s currently in the Med but here’s a link to one of his previous trips https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/blog/cruise-fred-olsen-blog/cruise-and-walk-with-fred-olsen-and-ramblers-walking-holidays

which should give you the flavour of the set up.

There’s a discount for Silvertravel members booking with Fred Olsen, see the following page for details


Essex UK

Hi @pzmaid
If you do a Med cruise at least you can walk round the deck or join the early morning walkers thus having the best of both worlds.


Watched a TV programme about three years ago on the ‘Camino Way’ and because myself and my hubby like a bit of walking I thought we’d definitely sign up for a good section of that walk. Then my husband became ill and a whole year was taken up with hospitals and treatment and all thoughts of walking went out the window. During this time I read the ‘Salt Path’ by , again walking but on the South West Path. I decided that would be a more reasonable walk for us, we live in Cornwall. Here we are three years later and still haven’t done the Camino Way or the whole of the south west coastal path. We do bits of the south west path, never more than 5 miles at a stretch and always home in time for tea. I can’t make up my mind if the thought of these ‘spiritual’ walks are better than the actual physical doing of them. I have a goal, complete one or the other before I’m 70. At the moment I am looking at cruises in the med.

Hi @MaggieRose
The Camino Frances is particularly easy to walk alone, especially if you do the last 100kms from Sarria to Santiago as it is the most popular route so it’s buzzing with pilgrims and there’s amenities every 2kms or so. You’ll never be lonely or without someone to chat to or to offer you advice. I recommend you stay at pre booked guesthouses as if you try the hostels some are on a first come first served basis plus you’ve been walking all day you want to be sure of a clean comfy bed at the end of your walk.

Here’s an interactive packing list to help you know what to bring. https://www.followthecamino.com/packing-list

And here’s a weather tool so you know what weather to expect in each month from each location along the ways: https://www.followthecamino.com/camino-weather-map

I hope this helps.



Direne3 wrote:

17:19 10-Aug-16

Am also interested in walking this – can anyone tell me how rough the terrain is pleas

At our Gardening Club (here in Spain) last year we had a talk and slide show from a couple who had done part this walk (starting at a point in Spain).. And from all their photos, the terrain was not too rough – probably classed as a ‘medium’ walk.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Am also interested in walking this – can anyone tell me how rough the terrain is please

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Essex UK

It is supposed to be a very friendly journey, due to most looking for some sort of spiritual transformation.

There are plenty of articles on the web…the Telegraph makes some suggestions here on routes and accommodation. I believe cycling is another option but I am not sure if you want to get the official award at the end exactly what that has to entail.


Here is another website of the particular route you are interested in



Good morning CeeGee and welcome to the forum.
There are many accommodations in the Victoria area and it all comes down to what standard you want, how much you are prepared to pay and when you are coming. If its between April and September be prepared for high prices.

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