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Vietnam cambodia

Welcome, David – so glad you enjoyed your trip.

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Essex UK

I did a group tour with Voyages Jules Verne as a single traveller about 6 years ago of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
Isn’t cheap with a single supplement but they might I think have a offer on at the moment without the single supplement. Excellent trip worth every penny.

I’ve just done a reply on the Vietnam. Cambodia and Laos thread.

Go for it!!

You’re welcome @lonersnger

I’ve not got any experience of group tours to Asia but if that’s going to make you feel easier, then it might be worth looking at Saga. Here’s a link to our partner page, click through to their site & see if they have something that interests you


We did bump into a group organised by Triton and they seemed happy enough but as always the odd grumble about doing what the group wanted and not what they wanted to do.

Essex UK

Hi Coolonespa
Thank you for suggestion i will explore this i was hoping there would be a group of people that i could attatch myself to for the whole trip safety in numbers etc many thanks*Bold*

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