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United bans researcher from flight after 'joke tweet'

That’s right. Computer Research Analysts have exposed many a gap insecurity but most take their findings to the organisation or governing body to get things fixed. They don’t Tweet from the aircraft & risk causing a panic. Perhaps they need to ban Chris Roberts too.

Essex UK

Good for them. It may be "disappointing that United refused to allow him to board, and we hope that United learns that computer security researchers are a vital ally, not a threat."
but Chris Roberts needs to grow up and put his brain into gear before tweeting inanities…


Agreed – totally bonkers. Like thinking it’s funny to pretend you have a gun in your luggage. Am glad the airline has banned him – a lesson for anyone else with silly ideas about terrorist jokes.

United Airlines banned a security researcher from a flight after he tweeted that he might be able to hack the aircraft’s systems.


The guy’s an idiot. Imagine the panic he could have caused if another passenger had seen his Tweet.

Essex UK
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