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Small ships are best?

@KeithK wrote:

Here’s the Emeraude

Nice picture, thanks for posting that.

Essex UK

Cruzeroqueen1 wrote:

and now you’re as hooked as the rest of us

Certainly am Gill, that first cruise was followed by another 2 that year and each year it became more and more and now it’s around 10 a year., 77 different ships and between 100 and 150 cruises.


A timely reminder, Alan, @Fossil – to ‘never say never’ – and now you’re as hooked as the rest of us!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Loving all these great pictures of ‘little ships’! Here’s the Emeraude which I mentioned yesterday, on which we cruised Ha Long Bay


Did a trip recently @lewi on Hebridean Princess. Lovely ship caarrying only 50 passengers in sumptuous surroundings. How would this appeal to you?



I often wondered if they do a much smaller boat trip, without the glitz and glamour. Something a bit more natural and intimate, enjoying scenery and visiting new places. I am 70 and prefer simplicity, just wondered if anyone else was like minded!

the4ts wrote:

I have yet to cruise

It was the early part of 1998 that we started talking about the year’s coming holiday and where to go, based on cheap flights available. At that time we were going away with another couple and this time they suggested taking a cruise. “A what?” I asked, struck with absolute horror at the thought. I explained in my own imitable way that there was just no way of getting me to spend 14 days on a cruise ship cooped up in a little cabin with the “Blue Rinse Brigade” for company and ballroom dancing for entertainment. The weeks went by. The wife was saying we should ‘Give it a try’. In the end I was out voted 3 to 1 and relented. What had I let myself in for? June 1998 has us all boarding a coach at Palma Airport, Mallorca and heading for the dock area and a small ship called Sapphire. On arrival at the quay side we were guided onto the ship where we booked in and were then shown to our cabin by a very smartly dressed cabin attendant. Already I was impressed with the efficiency and the décor but I wasn’t going to let on to the others. The cabin was an inside on the lowest deck but spacious and spotlessly clean with a large walk in shower. The more I saw the more I liked it. Over the following 2 weeks I became used to the excellent service, great food, excellent entertainment and waking in a different port or country nearly every day. The ‘Blue Rinse Brigade’ where were they? Certainly not on this ship. By the end of the 2 weeks I had changed my mind about cruising. I not only now as a cruise journalist cover many cruises each year but it is also my holiday of choice. Out there @4ts is a ship waiting to welcome you on board. If we can help you find it you only have to ask. Although I prefer small to medium I in fact love them all small up to large. Shown below is the smallest I have cruised on and one of the largest.


@KeithK wrote:

we cruised Ha Long Bay

Absolutely loved it there, we cruised int on this one

Essex UK

Thank you. everyone. for your comments!

I have heard of Viking Oceans, but didn’t realise their ships were so small.

There is usually little wrong with ‘old ships’; they’ve usually been frequently modified and upgraded over the years. I’ve cruised on ‘Black Watch’ and ‘Marco Polo’ and have no complaints about either. (‘Discovery’ was a little bit this side of heaven, but it was broken up shortly after my cruise)

A particular delight was the ‘Emeraude’, in which we cruised Ha Long Bay. It was built in 2002, and is a faithful replica of a ship of the same name which cruised the bay about 100 years ago.

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