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Guilty travel

All valid points, but it appears at present it’s a case of ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Like Alan I’m not convinced that train travel is that much more environmentally friendly, lots of our trains still run on diesel.

I’ve picked out this link where we discussed carbon offset. Perhaps an option whilst technology develops for us to travel cleaner.


Essex UK

I am the first to agree that the old saying of ‘Let the train take the strain’ is very true but are they any more environmentally friendly than planes!! The downside is they are expensive, especially for those on fixed income such as pensioners. they are often unreliable as to times, standing room only and involve waiting around on cold, wet and draughty platforms. They also need electricity to run that is produced in the main by fossil fuelled power stations or diesel. Carriages, rails and other infrastructure produced from steel in emission producing foundries and steel works. Not sure what the answer is, wish I knew.


There’s been a few threads about this – it’s taken all of us long enough to listen to the young people and I think we have a hug responsibility. I know the train is more expensive, takes longer – all the usual reasons for flying. But, given that many of us have the time, I think we should dig into our pockets and pay the extra. Because the real price is going to be paid by our grandchildren if we don’t.

This may not be an original idea but it is one that is increasingly concerning me – how do we enjoy the benefits of travelling in retirement when the cost of flying is a hugely important factor – especially when travelling with family – as compared with the ‘healthy’ but costly option of the train? I enjoy train travel and would prefer, when possible, to use it anyway but that does not apply to family and friends who you might travel with. I’m not happy to travel on cruise liners as the emissions they produce is so excessive affecting the air quality of the communities the ship docks in, this is especially serious when they use their own fuel to power the ship in dock rather than use on-shore connections. Our young people are guiding the way and we must listen – it’s their future not ours.

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