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Being together is more important than where you are.

Agree, sometimes it’s the people you remember more than the destinations, and how a bond was cemented. Suppose that trip to Portsmouth and Southampton is over now, hope you had a lovely time.

Thankyou . X


Thanks for sharing your story @Playermojo007 – I’m so pleased that it has a happy ending for you.
And a timely reminder that it’s the small things in life, shared, that count.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Reply thankyou.
My son is in the Royal Navý therefore I have been to the hìstorical docktard many a time it’s such a thrilling place to visit.
Plus southsea and Lee on solent are lovely too
Also being just across the water from the isle of Wight.


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I’m saddened that your marriage came to such an abrupt end but overjoyed you are now enjoying a new lease of life. As you’ve highlighted, the UK has much to offer. Have fun in Portsmouth. I understand there may be events going on at the Historic Dockyard & Southsea, so worth checking those out if you want something extra to do.

Essex UK

I always had a touring caravan with my husband and when we had spare time we would be off in it. Here there and everywhere it was our life . We took the children and the grand children over the years.
This came to an abrupt end at Christmas when my husband decided to leave me taking the cars and caravan for his new life he had made.

Anyway life goes on; and when it was least expected I met a wonderful gent who works in the travel industry.
Due to the manner of his work he is away on and off throughout the week.
So Even though he likes to spend time in his own bed he still tries to make my life a happier place by the both of us having an evening here a evening there.
He books us a lovely heartfelt accomadation and a lovely show to see etc.
So my point being it doesn’t matter where it is that we go to because he cannot get that week off for europe(he spends most of the week there with work)
Or he cannot have a fortnight in Mauritius etc…
So recently we have done meagre nights that we adored.
A boutique hotel on the river visiting Sunderland and watching the King and I
Or a lovely evening at Whitley bay sampling the live music and festivals a lovely restaurant meeting wonderful people.
Going to Scarborough to walk the bays meet up with my friends have meals and fun.
Going to Edinburgh to take in the culture.
Same in Hull going to theatre see a show.
Same at Leeds.
These may only be the one evening away of stolen time inbetween his work.
I understand he gets sick of travel and he likes his own bed.
So we all have to respect what our partner needs and these precious evenings are still magical and full of thought and planned with Love . We all should enjoy quality time when and where we can wether it may be near or far do you readers not agree.
I am off to Portsmouth and Southampton in a couple of days to visit my family so we will have just as much fun down there because life is what you make it.
Happy Holidays !!!!

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