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Review 'Lewis and Harris': Lewis Island in the sun

Lovely photos .@ESW You make me want to go back there! I was lucky and had the stones to myself for over two hours one early evening in June. Alas, the clouds came in and ruined any sunset but the Golden Hour was unforgettable. I understand Leumadair, where I stayed, has closed now. Such a shame. It was ideally located, especially for those who don’t drive like me. I even saw a Minke whale on the ferry to Stornoway.

Looks idyllic, @ESW

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

I’d agree with you @Sue-doe-nym – Harris and Lewis are wonderful. We always took our car with us, which necessitated an over night stop on the way there and back. We always self catered in a cottage on Lewis which must have had one of the best views on the island.

The standing stones at Callanais , Dun Carloway Broch and the Black House at Arnol were always highlights of the holiday, along with the white and beaches of Harris and the Golden Road. (allegedly given the name from the amount of money it cost to build…)

There is some amazing walking as well…

We usually went in Spring with the wild flowers on the machairs. One year we saw corncrakes on North Uist and another time a snowy owl. Golden eagles and sea eagles can be seen too – usually around Tolsta.

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Car rental is very reasonable – we picked up a car in Stornoway. The roads are quiet and a car allows you to easily explore the historic sites if Lewis and the stunning views/wildlife in Harris. We stayed in July and the weather was wonderful (plus no midges). Absolutely loved Lewis.

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