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Review 'MS Trollfjord': In search of The Northern Lights with Hurtigruten

JohnP wrote:

We saw several displays while living at Ravenglass in the early 1960s.

Ravenglass – sounds like a place out of The Game of Thrones!

One of our hopes for the future. A shame that Richard63 was disappointed. A much cheaper way of seeing the Aurora, even if not as spectacular as in the crew photos shown, is to be in Cumbria or Scotland in winter. We saw several displays while living at Ravenglass in the early 1960s. With climate change and increasing light pollution nothing in the sky can be guaranteed.

There have been some spectacular Northern Lights in the last few weeks. Guess it is all about luck and I am sorry you missed out on seeing them @Richard63. Even on a 12 day trip you can miss them. We were so lucky a couple of weeks ago and saw them 5 times and most times it was for an hour or more. The Expedition Team’s photos were amazing as they had really good cameras . I can vouch that they were legitimate as I was there at the same time and saw them with my own eyes.Expedition Team Photos. Our photos were not nearly so good.
For us the trip turned out to be much more than a hunt for the Northern Lights although of course, they were the icing on the cake
In Search of the Northern Lights on Hurtegruten’s MS Nordyls

We were fortunate to get a couple of decent displays. I didn’t really bother to try to photograph it but a very keen fellow passenger gave me permission to reproduce his. Have a look at this link: https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/forums/travel-places/5607-norwegian-coastal-voyage-with-hurtigruten/post/66025#66025

ESW wrote:

as if a jellyfish with tentacles was pulsating in the sky above us

In the best display they were like ribbons of colour pulsating across the sky but Eleanor’s description is pretty good to. Quite hard to describe them really.

There’s no doubt that the live displays are nowhere near as spectacular as the time-lapse digitally enhanced versions that can be found on the internet.

Essex UK

@ESW I am pleased to hear that the eerie fluorescent display does exist and not just in time lapse photography. Wish I could have seen it too!

We saw them early March 2002, sailing out of Tromso. The message came at the end of dinner and we all poured out onto the deck. At first they looked a bit like floodlights sweeping across the sky and we were less than impressed. Then we realised over the hills it looked as if there were flames in the sky. From then it developed into a full blown display. At one point it was almost as if a jellyfish with tentacles was pulsating in the sky above us. We stood and watched but didn’t try taking photos. It was an amazing experience.

Apparently they were seen in the early hours later on in the cruise as we sailed back into Bodo, but we were fast asleep in bed by then.


We were also on the Trollfjord in November 2017. We didn’t see the Northern lights either, definitely not the eerie green fluorescent lights one sees in photos. There were various announcements of sightings. However, by the time we put on our multiple layers of clothing and got on deck, all we could see was a black sky and a strip of white cloud.

Anyway, their guarantee of a free week if no sighting does not include return air fares.

I am interested to know if anyone has actually seen those eerie green lights up close. Somebody said that could only be achieved through time lapse photography or if you stayed at the ice hotel.

Cost of living is very high in Norway. This was reflected in the pricing onboard.

We did it for the experience of sailing on a Hurtigruten ship. The sighting of the northern lights would have been a bonus.

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Its a real shame you feel dissatisfied with your cruise & the way your claim was handled.

My personal experience was fantastic on this ship & you can read about it here: https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/blog/cruise-hurtigruten-blog/hurtigruten-norwegian-coastal-voyage-ms-trollfjord

Essex UK
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Hurtigruten has a 90% garantie that you see the NortherLights. If you don’t you get a week free next year.
After being on the boat for 9 days and havent seen anything. What can happen. It’s nature. We where called on deck. The Northerlights could be seen. They had us looking at a clouded sky with the moon behind it. Nobody on deck had seen it. I filled a complaint. The reaction was: One person had seen it and had a photo it. ( 500 people ex staff onboard). I talked to about 30 people, on deck the same night and the next day. Nobody had seen anything.
This is the reason not to give a week next year. Very convenient for them.
BIG SCAM. Never ever for me on the Hurtigruten.
So be aware before you take on this trip and this offer.
Next time on land again for me.

The activities offert off board are very much overpriced.
Food was very nice and there was enough diversity true the day on board.
Fitness room is there but the size of a cabin.

The Hague
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