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Planes, planes and more planes

Looks very smart! Welcome back, Alan.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

My plane home.


A small incline of how busy it is at Gatwick. We were waiting to move forward to take off, 6 planes queued behind us, the EasyJet in the air was just landing. As soon as its wheels touched the ground the Norwegian plane rolled forward for it take off. Probably one in or out every 30 seconds.

Essex UK

Norwegian have gone for “Tail Fin Heroes” on their planes. Here’s a couple:

and you can read more about them at: https://www.norwegian.com/uk/about/our-story/tail-fin-heroes/

Essex UK

@ESW wrote:

Funchal airport. Flat land is at a premium and the runway had to be built on stilts.

That’s interesting Eleanor, I wonder if its the only place in the world that has its runway on stilts?

Essex UK

Wow! Thank goodness I’ve only every visited via cruise ship!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

I know this isn’t really planes, but this is Funchal airport. Flat land is at a premium and the runway had to be built on stilts.

There is a better picture here.

The main road runs beneath it and you get wonderful views of all those pillars.

It is described as one of the World’s most dangerous airports as aeroplanes have to swing round to come into land, and it is quite a hair raising experience as the aeroplane has to make a very tight turn. It can be closed by strong winds, but the guide books and tour itineraries don’t tell you about that!


Icelandair ready for take off at Gatwick:

Essex UK

Virgin’s 747- 400 Forever Young (a suitable plane for a silver traveller) loading at Gatwick

Essex UK

A SilkAir A320 at Ko Samui Airport, Thailand…

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