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American Airlines

Last year I was following up a good deal on a cruise but the only flights on offer was AA. I looked up a couple of review sites & AA seemed to be inconsistent. Loads of poor reviews for their transatlantic services but plenty of good ones for shorter routes.

Essex UK

I used AA from London to Miami a couple of years ago.Unfortunately they code share with BA. Never again. Asked for a G&T. They brought a plastic beaker, said they had no Tonic so had used Soda instead!!!!


Just used AA to travel from Freeport, Grand Bahama to Jamaica via Miami. Flights we pretty good, largely on time. Planes we OK nothing special but not old or run down. What did impress me was the treatment of the 87 year old we were travelling with (Mother In Law). She can’t walk very far so we had requested a wheelchair to assist us. A wheelchair was present at each airport & the staff (both AA & the ground staff at each airport) treated her with respect & courtesy. In most places she was given a special channel or taken to the front of the queue & of course that was great as we were allowed to go with her.

So top marks for AA on this route, I’d definitely use them again.

Essex UK
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