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coolonespa wrote:

07:26 19-Oct-19

A bus that wants to be a tram in Monterey

That’s a beauty, Steve.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

A bus that wants to be a tram in Monterey

Essex UK

You’re right @TedKngt at first glance it does look like that.

Essex UK

@coolonespa, regarding that coach in Beijing, I thought for a moment there that the building behind was part of the vehicle.

Trolley bus in Anchorage! Front and back views.

Nice one @Barrowman and useful information.


Five German coaches on top of Beachy Head -February 2019

Beachy Head is the highest chalk cliff in the country, 162 metres above sea level. Standing at the highest point, safely away from the edge, you can see into four English counties, from the Isle of Wight and West Sussex’s Selsey Bill in the west to Dungeness in Kent in the east.


Ho-Ho in Split…

Strange bodywork for a coach. Not sure if its trying to be a tram or a house. Beijing (Tian’anmen Square in the background)

Essex UK

This is the Chinese take on the American school bus. Qingdao Oct 2018

Essex UK
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