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Over 50's Cruise perceptions

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My name is James Brincat, I am BSc Cruise Management student at Plymouth University (UK) currently undertaking my honours project. I am conducting a study regarding the changing perceptions of the over 50’s towards cruising as a vacation style.The study will look at how perceptions of the cruise industry have changed and developed to what it is currently today for people over the age of 50.

The results of the survey will be very beneficial for the cruise industry as there is a current lack of research in this field. If published this honours projected will be viewed by major cruise lines within the industry to get an understanding of the over 50’s current perception of cruising and what they can do to improve their service for this demographic.

An opportunity to take part in this research study is currently available, by completing a very short questionnaire you will be assisting in benefiting the cruise industry, by gaining valuable data to improve services, and also myself with my honours project.

The questionnaire has been fully approved by Plymouth University data protection team and will not be used for any other purpose that this research project, it is entirely anonymous and ask’s no personal information what so ever.

I hope that you will help me with this study and look forward to your questionnaire responses, This hyperlink will take you to the questionnaire : https://plymouthbusiness.eu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_ea4ZKrRP8xkHRml

Kind Regards,

James Brincat (BSc Cruise Management)

1 Post
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