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Anyone else had such embarrrassing start to their hols??

Well actually, yes I have. Last month I was travelling abroad with my wife. We were picked up at 5 am by our daughter to take us to the airport. On arrival at the airport farewells were said and we made our way to the checkin. It was here that on opening my travel wallet I discovered I didn’t have the tickets. Then I remembered that when our daughter arrived she had asked me to write down the time and number of the homeward flight. I assumed therefore that I had left the tickets on my desk. I explained to the lady on checkin whilst getting severe grief from the wife. Luckily I was able to go to the tour operators desk and obtain duplicates. On getting home from the holiday I was surprised not to find the tickets on my desk. They turned up the following week in our gaughters car. It was then that I remembered opening my travel wallet in the back of the car in the dark and they must have fallen out without my noticing. No this will not happen again.

Anywhere that the sun is shining.

These things happen. After all a ship that was doing bunkering does look like an obstruction!!!


Well if you have read my recent review about the Hurtigruten cruise you will know we had a great time…..however I failed to mention our first experience onboard which makes me cringe when I think about it although it did give some of the crew (and Alan & Debbie of the Silver travel team )a laugh !!

When we visited the P&O Oceana for a taster cruise event we were shown different types of cabins -inside cabins,picture window cabins,restricted views as in maybe a lifeboat outside, etcetc.We found this very useful as we had never ever been on a cruise and decided that when we booked a cruise we would choose a window without any viewing restrictions.
When we went to our cabin on Midnatsol we drew back the curtains to be faced with what we thought to be a definate restricted view!!(Not sure if I can upload a photo to illustate)We returned to reception and very politely voiced our disappointment with our "restricted view" .The crew member -with a disbelieving look-said we must be mistaken and said we must be looking at the port area.We explained that it wasn’t the port but a definate "obstruction" from the ship -pipes,a platform,ladders etc!
The very patient crew member asked us to return to our cabin and look again-I said we would take a photo and show it to her.
I immediately grabbed my camera and took a quick photo-feeling quite pleased the obstruction was still there!Before I could take another photo we noticed a man turning off the lights on the "obstruction"??!!As I took the second photo we realised the "obstruction" was moving away……and realised it wasn’t part of the ship afterall…it was a tanker from the port!!
We returned to reception and shared a laugh with the crew member who probably couldn’t wait to tell her colleagues!!!

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