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Our first view of the Isle of Man

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For many years, the Isle of Man was a bit of a family joke. We’d seen the hump on the horizon during holidays in Galoway. It was somewhere we’d always talked about visiting but it never seemed to go up the list. Then in 1997 we decided to ‘go for it’.

I think we were all very concerned it wouldn’t live up to expectation. We got the overnight sailing on the King Orry which got us into Douglas about 6.30 in the morning. We were up early on deck for our first glimpse of the island. It was a beautiful morning and the sea was glinting in the sunlight. As we got closer we could see the island sparkling in the sunlight with the white buildings along the front in Douglas gleaming in the light. Snaefell had cloud covering which hid all the gubbins on the top.

We looked at each other and sighed happily. It was living up to expectations…

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