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Two Seats for one!

I am reminded of an inter-island flight in Hawaii back in about 1992 – on board was the local man who was being celebrated as the current Sumo wrestling champion in Japan. He took up SIX seats – he positioned himself in the centre seat of the second row, overflowed into the adjoining seats on eitherside and also folded down the backs of the three seats in front to give him space. His entourage/protectors had the next three seats but they probably did not have to pay anyway – I am sure the local airline did it as good PR to carry the famous wrestler.

Dorset, UK

Surely this is in contravention of the FAA rules.


Just saw this news item. Its difficult enough travelling on a plane let alone having to stand !!! I dont think the $200 dollars would be enough for me,??

A passenger was forced to stand for the entire duration of a seven-hour flight – because of a 28-stone man sitting in the seat next to him.

Arthur Berkowitz said the heavily overweight man in the seat next to him on US Airways flight 901 meant he could not access his own seat.

He was told he couldn’t sit in a flight attendant’s jump seat, and the plane was completely full, meaning he was left to stand the entire time.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Berkowitz said: ‘I didn’t fly from Alaska to Philadelphia on Flight 901. I stood,’ adding: ‘His size required both armrests to be raised up and allowed for his body to cover half of my seat.’

He also pointed out that there was a safety issue, as he was not able to use his seatbelt on take-off.

Mr Berkowitz has been offered a $200 voucher as compensation by the airline, who reportedly admitted that the man shouldn’t have been allowed to board without buying two seats, and called the situation ‘regrettable’

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