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Second-guess the airlines

Tips for Finding Cheap Flights Tickets.

1. Go for offseason ticketing
2. Go for mid-week flight tickets
3. Opt for a red eye flight
4. Skipping event/festival dates
5. Use Promotional offers or code
6. Early booking


Another thought, always remember to clear cookies after each visit if you are going to check prices over the coarse of a few days, as the sites check for cookies and inflate the prices, also checking on a tuesday is often cheaper, flights go up over weekends.

On the budget carriers be very careful to uncheck for insurance, meals, online booking in etc (if applicable). All these extras really put up the price.


Some good tips there…althuogh sounds a bit stressful trying to book three tickets separately!

Also try www.cheapflights.com, www.skyscanner.com

And there’s another site, which i can’t remember the name of, but it tells you when the airlines are putting up their new seats so that you can get in as soon as they are available and snap up the cheapest prices. Does anyone know?


There is a trick you can try to attempt to second-guess whether a flight is likely to reduce in price. Try keying in different party sizes on a booking website to see how many seats there may be at tour price.

Airlines tend to sell only so many seats at each price level. So, if there are four of you travelling you may want to key in for one passenger but also do a search for four passengers and see if the price per person is different.

If there is a difference in price, then this suggests there are fewer seats available at the lower price – in this case, it’s worth booking as soon as possible. Most airlines will only allow you to search for between four and nine seats online, although easyJet will allow you to search up to 40 seats.

If you are travelling en-masse, then another trick is to search for tickets separately as well as in a group. You may find that three individuals tickets are cheaper per person than a booking for three people. Of course, this is not always the case and also runs the risk of the price changing while you are making the booking.

The time of day you book can also affect the price you pay. Airlines often release their discounted tickets during the night, typically between midnight and 3am.

Getting a good deal on a flight often comes down to timing – the time you book the flight is key, but equally the time you want to travel will also affect the price.

The more flexible you are with the date and timing of your flight, the greater the chance you will have of picking up a bargain. However, if you don’t fancy getting up before dawn in order to catch an early flight, it’s probably worth paying a bit extra and enjoying a lie-in.

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