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Agree with both of you, Steve @coolonspa and Alan @Fossil – it only takes one rotten apple in the barrel……
It has been suggested that the ‘millennials’, being young and fit, don’t see the need to curtail their activities
in case a few old codgers, who were going to die soon anyway, get infected. The only way to get through
this is if we all pull together. OH does query if all the death figures quoted do actually relate ONLY to deaths
from the virus, or are from other causes that are ‘natural’ at this time of the year. You know what the say
about ‘Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics’!!!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Your second paragraph makes a good point Steve but I always found that in times of danger such as when I was in the forces people needed to have some hope, some light at the end of the tunnel, to be shown that if you obey the commands you will have a better chance of survival. Some of these ……………………….., and the works I would like to use, even as a moderator would have me kicked off the forum, just don’t get it, they are self centred individuals who need teaching a lesson. Perhaps when they have friends or close relatives die of it they will wake up, but I have my doubts.


Its a sad thing about the way things are reported Alan. We’ve said on this Forum many times that on any topic only bad news is good enough to make the headlines. The exception to all this is the way the key workers, particularly NHS staff are being regularly praised….which of course is great news and well deserved.

Perhaps the other aspect is that if they made too big a thing of the high percentage recovery rate, perhaps more people would be prepared to take the risk and break the social distancing rules, without understanding or caring that they could infect others who may not recover.

Essex UK

Can someone tell why it is we hear every day the number that have been infected, the numbers that have died but never the numbers that have recovered!!


Welcome @Pop51 to our Silver Travel Forum – we hope that you enjoy being part of our friendly group of Silver Travellers. Please feel free to contact one of the moderators if you have any queries about using the Forum.

Following the UK governments advice re cruising I’m sure they have their hands full with cruises departing this month. Hopefully they’ll get in touch with you soon. Please let us know of the outcome, we’d be interested to hear a first hand account of how this is playing out.

Essex UK

Waiting for P&O to get in touch telling me they are not cruising to the Med in May.

I think this thread may now be summed up in one word…….DON’T!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain
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