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Christmas in Hotel

Rejoice and be happy, yes @Fossil
But let’s not expect everyone to be made happy by the same things.
Maybe we could even try celebrating our differences?

ESW wrote:

Those pictures have definitely put me off @Fossil I never did go for all the turkey and tinsel malarky….

But isn’t that what Christmas is all about, hence the Christmas markets that go back centuries, decorations all over the Christian world, a time to celebrate a new beginning, a time to rejoice and be happy!!



Great pictures Alan, looks great…..now to work on Linda

Essex UK

Those pictures have definitely put me off @Fossil I never did go for all the turkey and tinsel malarky….


Hi @Bello
Please clarify whether you’re looking for this break to celebrate Christmas or avoid it.
On another thread members are bemoaning the way Christmas isn’t celebrated in the way they think it should be. I think it’s up to us to decide how we want to celebrate, or spend those days.

Christmas on a cruise ship.


For me, a Christmas Cruise has to be the perfect answer. Warm sunshine, beautifully decorated ships and a different port each day.


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There have been previous threads discussing similar topics. Click on one of the related threads below or search for Christmas & that might help with some ideas.

A Warners break might be an idea. I visited one recently and you can read about it via the link below but I’ve never been to a hotel over Christmas.


Essex UK

The dizzying heights, fresh air and scenic Alpine panoramas of Schloss Kufstein, Austria. Closer to home : the Claymore Hotel, Arrachor, Scotland upon the banks of Loch Long, roaring log fires, local residential cats to curl up with, and if you’re lucky the ghost of Missy McFarlane (like most Scottish hotels The Claymore is supposedly haunted). Which it certainly is. By cats.

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Wakefield, West Yorks.

We spent a lovely Christmas in Italy using hotels and staying in a 14 th century castle over Christmas. Gr3at

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