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Coolonespa’s comment about a flat tyre is interesting, as this is something that Avis Malta will charge for. It pays to read the contract, although when booking a car as part of a package holiday, this is something that I have not generally received until picking-up the car at the airport. In recent years, I have always travelled with an independent Car Hire Excess Insurance policy, which covers many of the things excluded from the included insurance and is much cheaper than any optional extension that the hirer may offer.

coolonespa wrote:

I had a flat tyre in South Africa and AVIS turned up with a replacement car.

Now that is what you call service.


That’s a real shame.

I had a flat tyre in South Africa and AVIS turned up with a replacement car. So I didn’t even have to wait for them to change/repair the tyre. Perhaps you should consider them for your next car hire experience.

Essex UK

I had to hire a replacement car at my expense and neither Budget Whitehorse nor Budget HQ accept any liability on the additional hire cost.

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I’d be interested to know a bit more about what happened here. Did they refuse to replace the crashed car and did you then hire another out of your own pocket? What was the basis of their refusal to reimburse you e.g. did they claim you had inadequate insurance?

Essex UK

On a holiday to the Yukon and Alaska I hired a Budget car in the Yukon. Unfortunately in Alaska , when avoiding a young moose, I crashed the car. Budget wont reimburse me for a replacement car. What a crock

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