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Avoid the Pharmacy in Cala San Vincente, Majorca

Thanks for the warning @Lh50

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

We recently went to Cala San Vincente, Majorca and my Husband got a bite from a fly. We usually travel with the antihistamine cream and tablets,but had for gotten to pack them.
The local Pharmacy charged him €20each for 2 lots of some tiny tablets and creams making 80 euros! The cream is about 6 euros in PTO. Alcudia and looking on line the “tablets” were herbal and probably no use. It appears that the hotel were aware that this Pharmacy over charges tourists, but gets away with it as they say everything is holistic and herbal. It would have been cheaper to pop on a bus to pto. Pollensa (nice little ride and lovely views) a d go to a Pharmacy there.

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